Kris Kruse 
New York Art Collector

"I first came across Louise's paintings in 2012 and was immediately drawn to her work. I've been collecting in New York for 35 years and was taken by her ability to capture the nuances of an image and express a rich depth of feeling. There's always an emotional response with her stuff. I told my friends about her and she promptly sold another 7 paintings. Louise has a unique touch that continues to please with time.”

Rebecca Schweiger 
Founder The Art Studio NY and NYC Acclaimed Artist
"Not only is Louise Clarke an extraordinary artist, she's an incredible person. Her artistic talent shines through in every brushstroke of her paintings. Her landscapes are not only expressive, they are magical and make me feel more alive. When I look at Louise's paintings, I am pulled into another world. Her paintings sooth me, inspire me, and take me beyond the everyday." 
www.TheArtStudioNY.com ​​

Artist Statement​​​

I paint landscapes that inspire me to forever capture a moment in time. My aim is to reflect the way the elements of nature combine to create a particular mood or energy. The light, season, weather, scenery are always changing: so my ambition is to paint my impression of that moment in a beautiful piece of art.

I love to work with oils as they are fluid but also rich in movement, texture and colour. I paint plein air or in my studio from photographs I have taken of the places I have visited.I travel extensively throughout the world and I frequently find impactful subjects to paint.